Sweet Love was born out of a love & passion, founder A. Lisa

has for baking from scratch.  

She learned to bake in the kitchen with her Grandma and her Mother.  


"My Grandma Elizabeth was a baker and cook for her church.  She had consistent orders for her cakes, puddings, cobblers, and pies.  There were always dessert orders at her home waiting for customers to pick up.  And there was also, always something for us (the grandchildren).  We would argue over who was going to get the bowl that the cake batter was prepared in, so we could run our fingers around the sides & enjoy every drop.  The smell in my Grandma's house was intoxicating. I loved to watch her knead the dough, shaping her biscuits & making her caramel icing on the stove.  She made everything from scratch, her desserts, breakfast biscuits, soups & meals made with fresh vegetables & herbs from her garden. 

My Mom followed that same tradition of creating superb desserts & meals, & while doing so she would hum or sing.  She was a writer & she sang in the church choir. In addition to baking I also took on my Mom's passion for writing & singing.

When I bake, I am in pure bliss singing & creating song lyrics & new desserts creations.

 Hence, I have multiple passions; baking, writing and singing."


Sweet Love Cookies

"Cookies have always been my favorite quick treat.  I took my passion for baking and created a line of gourmet cookies with extraordinarily delicious combinations & taste!"


Sweet Love offers exceptionally delicious desserts made from scratch.  We use quality ingredients & pride ourselves in giving your tastebuds an unforgettable experience.  You taste love in every first bite.  Sweet Love cookies & more are Worth the Taste

You deserve the best



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